Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) Scholarship Program for International students at the University of Guelph,Canada 2018


The OMAFRA – U of G Partnership funds the Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) Program to support the development of highly skilled graduates who can meet the changing demands of the agri-food and rural sector. The health of these sectors depends on a vibrant talent pool of skilled, forward-thinking learners. The Partnership is dedicated to supporting advanced skill development and learning to enhance the intellectual capacity of our citizens to solve current and future problems.


To be eligible for the HQP Scholarship Program you must:
  • be a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant, or studying under an international visa;
  • be entering your first semester of a Master’s (thesis-based) or PhD program at the University of Guelph;
  • not have already started your graduate program;
  • not be an OMAFRA employee;
  • not concurrently hold other major awards such as NSERC, OGS, SSHRC or CIHR.

Maximum Project Value

Master’s students: $21,300 per year (up to $17,300 from HQP Program, plus $4,000 annual top-up from Faculty Advisor)
Doctoral students: $26,000 per year (up to $21,000 from HQP Program, plus $5,000 annual top-up from Faculty Advisor)

Project Duration

The maximum annual allocation to students will be based on six semesters for completion of the master’s degree and nine semesters for completion of the doctorate.

Special Notes

Master’s and Doctoral students complete research that meets OMAFRA’s research priorities and learn firsthand how forward-thinking research can be mobilized to have a positive impact on society.
OMAFRA’s priorities are contained within the following seven theme areas:
  • Agricultural Policy and Rural Development
  • Bioeconomy – Industrial Uses
  • Emergency Management
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Food for Health
  • Product Development and Enhancement through Value Chain Collaborations
  • Production Systems (Plants and Animals)
Industry partners are integral to the success of the HQP Scholarship Program. We value the role of our industry, government and community partners, who provide valuable experience for the students during work semesters. Some partners who have hosted students include Chicken Farmers of Ontario, OMAFRA, DRDC-CRTI, Martin Mills, BIOMIN Canada, Nutreco, Wallenstein Feed and Supply, C&M Seeds, Pioneer Hi-bred, Rural Ontario Institute, Monsanto, Aqua-Cage Fisheries, Alltech Inc. and Kraft. 


Type Date
External Deadline

How to Apply

The OMAFRA – U of G Research Program uses a web-based software called Research Management System (RMS) for processing HQP scholarship applications and reporting on projects.
You must register in the RMS before you can prepare an application. You do not need to register again if you have previously submitted a letter of intent (LOI) or full proposal to an OMAFRA-U of G Partnership program or an OMAFRA program through the RMS.  
For Questions, please contact

About the Program
Al Sullivan, Professor and HQP Scholarship Program Coordinator
University of Guelph
Phone 519-824-4120 Ext 52792
Email:  asulliva@uoguelph.ca
For RMS support
Phone (519) 826-3801
Email: omafhqp@uoguelph.ca
Melissa Watkins, Manager
Office of Research, OMAFRA-UoG Partnership

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