this system must be one time period,  phrases or three terms (1 yr). This program is supposed for students who lack the necessary language skills to begin the first-yr bachelor application, the direction permits them to improve their skills in reading, writing, listening and talking. Lenghtime: students can follow the language application from one to 3 phrases (1 12 months) in keeping with their result of the English Admission tests that prepared at the start of each intake, every term or region closing 10 weeks and has as a minimum 20-durations-a-week english elegance and six intervals every week of French or german.

commercial enterprise management college [Switzerland]:

The institution “enterprise & control university” is a private university devoted to higher training, operates underneath the path of a strategic committee compound by means of 5 individuals. The directors, faculty, team of workers, and students of the college, are committed to excellence in training.

It contains out its task with the aid of assembling a school team having high instructional and professional requirements.

The university is devoted to the preparation of pupil in two fields in the arts and sciences: management and banking & finance.

a chief dedication exists to provide educational services for the larger national and global network, specifically graduate training for mature college students.

To encourage students to increase their particular capability and to end up quick effective member of society, the university seeks to provide the correct instructional and social environment. moreover, the college attempts to responds to the desires of its students through administrative services, teaching, scholarship and studies.

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