The pressure of exams

i am so stressed, I experience that every one of my hairs must be white! i’ve SATs, Mock practise assessments, TOEFL, WAEC, NECO and about a million activities for my college utility. My teachers and my mother and father won’t get off my returned and that i feel like all people in college is out to get me. My existence is absolutely spinning out of control! no one knows me and that i feel like i’m losing my thoughts. How can i get my life lower back underneath control?

this is the notion of many students. i have a message for them.

every so often in existence, it appears like the entirety is pouring down on you straight away. From what i am seeing, it looks as if you have lots for your plate. these are all crucial tests with a purpose to determine a first-rate a part of your life. however there are numerous things you may do.

first off, it’s far vital to devise your life out. due to the fact you’ve got this sort of busy time table, it’s miles essential to devise almost every 2d of your lifestyles for the next few months for you to be able to properly prepare for everything. Having a daily, weekly or maybe month-to-month planner permit you to evaluate what you need to do and if you have to do them. college applications have closing dates which you are pressed to meet. setting down those deadlines and crafting a few closing dates of your own can be beneficial. solving the dates for studying can help to make sure which you do now not procrastinate analyzing for these critical exams. additionally, setting down things which you want to do-like purchase stationery for the tests- can make sure that you do them on time.

it is essential that you communicate to humans. retaining those emotions bottled up inner of you can be dangerous for your health. Your teachers and mother and father are handiest being difficult on you because they know how a whole lot paintings you need to do and they need to make certain that you get all of it finished. but if you nonetheless feel like they may be pressurizing you too much, tell them how you feel. they will most probable want to help you in any way that they are able to. additionally, you can sense that everyone is out to get you due to a few unrelated incidents. speaking for your pals about these issues allow you to get unique views of the situation. if you experience uncomfortable speaking approximately your problems to a person, writing in a journal can assist. Expressing your feelings is important in supporting you now not to get too pressured out.

ultimately, it’s far important to hope. each selection that you make should be carried to the Lord in prayer. it’s miles handiest God that knows what is right for you and best He knows his will. the need of God ought to be behind your head. The Bible says that all individuals who love God ought to ask and they shall obtain. fortify your relationship with God via prayer, meditation, Bible research and righteous deeds. Pray with buddies for the Bible says, while three or more are accrued in my name, recognise that i’m with them also.

those instances of your lifestyles may be extremely tasking, however with God’s grace and a touch effort of your own, you can make it through.

Adah Unachukwu is an SS2 scholar in Loyola Jesuit university, with a flair for writing

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