Whiteboard Explainer motion pictures or Scribes, what’s the distinction?

There seems to be a few confusion as regards to the terminology being used in relation to ‘whiteboard fashion explainer motion pictures’ or what can every now and then be referred to as ‘scribe movies’. The later appears to be greater oriented round the united states marketplace, while each scribe videos and whiteboard videos are one inside the equal issue. And really this isn’t to be burdened with interactive whiteboards, which is an entire exceptional product entirely, something a college or university could use, genuinely no longer us.

I think to start with we ought to outline what a whiteboard or scribe video truely is. In primary phrases that is a video that uses a simple white historical past and the ‘animation’ completely relies on watching a hand protecting a marker pen draw in a photo in time with a voice over. The picture usually is a reinforcement of the communicate so tends to be very literal, and as soon as a scene has been drawn, it pauses for a quick moment to allow the viewer digest and then movements on to attract a new scene.

inside a mean 1 minute whiteboard explainer video you’ll generally count on to see round 5 to 7 predominant drawings or scenes being drawn in. this can range because it relies upon on the level of detail and factors that the dialogue is making, however is often a proper start line. So in it is truest form and the way it was initially meant, a traditional whiteboard video is quite certainly a hand drawing black outlines to create scenes, in-time with a voice over.

even as the end effects may additionally properly appear like a digicam has been used to film a person virtually drawing a scene ‘stay’ this in reality is some distance from the reality. Like ninety% of the whiteboard movies produced commercially, software program is used to provide the ‘illusion’ of a actual hand drawing. The method is simply slightly extra complex than the quit consequences endorse, however through running digitally it allows for more accuracy, continuity and a faster production process.

The hand that you see shifting across the display is clearly  images in barely specific positions maintaining a pen. The pen itself is un-branded and we edit in employer trademarks onto the pen to offer that extra element of personalisation. The lines which you then see being drawn in are created using Vector picture software, specifically Adobe Illustrator. This allows us to hard out every scene first and then carefully trace with smooth accurate vector traces. those digital files are then imported into he whiteboard animation software, which then cleverly tracks the vector strains and offers the illusion that the hand is drawing the traces in.

working this way permits us to make short modifications to the drawings if required, and makes it simpler to time drawings to the talk and ultimately create higher first-class, more enticing motion pictures.

in the next article, i’ll discover the various subtle differences that begin to take a popular whiteboard video into a completely specific direction, whilst having a ‘whiteboard’ look, is is some thing but.

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