who is Ludvig Sunstrom? Notes From Having labored With Him For 1+ yr

Ludvig Sunstrom is a exceptionally new call inside the “self assist” global – with “Breaking Out Of Homeostasis” (BOOH) and “The ultimate common device” (TUCS) to his name.

The hassle with that is that even though he is risen pretty rapidly, there is very little connection with him beyond his social media presence (which isn’t surely that prolific) – main some of human beings to come to be quite curious as to who he is, and – greater importantly – what foundation his paintings is published beneath.

within the international of on line merchandising – where 12yr olds have the equal “reach” as 100+ yr old groups – it is essential to genuinely appreciate WHO you’re dealing with. As we all recognise, it is clean to faux your lifestyles on social media… an awful lot greater hard to actually stay in congruence with what you’re *honestly* doing.

this is why I at the beginning reached out to Ludvig, and why i stopped up spending 1+ year running with him on some of projects (including TUCS 1.0). this article is my honest opinion of him – intended as a reference for each person looking to do business with him by way of shopping his work or reading his internet site.

Swedish countrywide living In Stockholm

Ludvig is Swedish and lives in Stockholm.

I don’t know what he does for money, as he does no longer have regular employment and did now not appear to have any commercial clients – as a minimum when I met him.

I met him by means of coming across his “blog” in 2014. He wrote some of articles which inspired me, so – like with many folks that appear to have matters found out – I contacted him and began talking. As we talked for about 6 months, he invited me to come to Stockholm which I did with my friend/business accomplice on the time.

while we met him in Stockholm, we did not definitely do very a whole lot for most of the week. There were several instances where we met up and did a few filming or whatever, but apart from that – there wasn’t plenty by means of manner of interplay.

however, the only thing that clearly defined the journey – for me at the least – became when he brought us to a brand new friend he’d been cultivating a dating with for a while – Mikael Syding. Syding is a former hedge-fund supervisor; extraordinarily a success by using account – Ludvig were speaking to him similar to how i might been speakme to Ludvig.

besides, Ludvig had spent the whole day talking to Syding in his rental in the centre of Stockholm; he invited us in the night in which we were capable to discuss the entirety from business to Napoleon. This changed into enjoyable for me especially; the capacity to connect with human beings of such reverence & depth is extremely rare.

What He genuinely Does For A residing

I do not know what he does for a dwelling.

Like many Swedes, he seems to live a existence of wistful indulgence blended with sporadic bouts of “work”. The paintings he definitely does – like many other Swedes – ought to nice be defined as humanitarian. For a few motive, Swedish human beings do not like talking approximately money, don’t like to kick up a fuss and commonly do not like searching out of region. For all of the speak of “contrarianism” that Ludvig espouses, he is clearly a massive stickler for “policies”… he simply recognized extraordinary regulations to maximum other people.

regardless of that, Ludvig’s primary “asset” when I met him (he’d just graduated university) turned into a weblog called “StartGainingMomentum”. This changed into started while he became in college and became a blend of his personal development/indulgences and any discoveries he’d crafted from the large amounts of “analyzing” he’d been committing to. This focus on reading is predominantly what attracted me to him – as i’d in no way clearly considered the technique of boom to be so closely related to the material you feed your thoughts. This appears to be wherein many of his center fanatics started to comprehend what he had to provide as well.

In 2015 – about 1 12 months once I met him – he started the “25Minuter” podcast along with his friend Mikael. The real boon of this was that it turned into promoted as the “legit” podcast of the “TradeVenue (.) se” internet network. Mikael’s pedigree as a ten-yr hedge fund manager, matched with Ludvig’s effective insights from his studying, and the reach/audience derived from TradeVenue, made the mission straight away successful. It received round 1,500 listeners after the first episode, a number of which grew to around 2,500 all through its life.

while Ludvig regularly quotes numbers of 20,000 listeners or 2,000,000 downloads – the simple reality is that the podcast probably had around 1/10th of that range of “real” listeners. i’m no longer overly worried with the actual determine; simply that several thousand humans tuned in each week to pay attention to what the duo had in store. this is each decent and a brilliant achievement; considering the podcast was firstly done in Swedish.

To this quit, i’d don’t forget the “podcast” (and its ancillary services) the center of what Ludvig can be described as “doing” along with his time for that length.

Making progress

25Minuter become continued for 2 years, for the duration of that time remaining entirely free of price.

there has been once example – wherein I helped – wherein Ludvig utilized the Podcast’s target audience to offer TUCS 1.zero (The final common gadget). This was very a hit, with over 350 humans buying in the first 78 hours. He become also extremely generous by using giving my a portion of the primary week’s earnings (which I never predicted). This highlights a degree of generosity which i’ve found to be uncommon – mainly in the “professional” world. This became a very endearing gesture on his component.

After TUCS’ launch, the duo seems to have lose interest with their podcast and determined to “increase” it onto the worldwide degree. At the beginning of 2018, they changed the call (to “destiny abilties”) and introduced Oskar Faarkrog into the crew to offer greater effective returned-cease work. i used to be invited to sign up for them but I had my very own activities.

In terms of the next section – the release of the brand new podcast become additionally off the back of Ludvig’s liberating his e-book “Breaking Out Of Homeostasis” – which became a pleasant-dealer on Amazon (where it was launched in December 2017 for the Kindle). This ebook changed into well-acquired on Amazon, with over 60 advantageous critiques. there has been one 1* review which seemed to be highlighting the reality that BOOH become now not very “actionable” – dealt a lot with theory and happenstance.

The current status of Ludvig’s professional character appears to be that he is a co-host of the “destiny abilties” podcast (together with his buddy Mikael), an author (of Breaking Out Of Homeostasis) and is putting paintings into the introduction of a “chance control” application for the podcast (video course provided with the aid of Syding), in addition to liberating the following model of TUCS (2.zero).


The cause I decided to jot down that is definitely easy.

one of the predominant problems i have discovered with Ludvig’s work – and this have to be taken into consideration a “caution” for every person looking to shop for from him – is that maximum of what he does is extraordinarily floor degree.

This is not a jibe at his character or whatever, however while you recall the “paintings” that people put out – specifically greater esoteric offerings inclusive of what he produces (that typically have little-to-no opposition), it’s essential to recollect what you’re actually getting for your time/money.

The projects he works on have a whole lot of potential, however simply do not appear to supply on their guarantees…

    TUCS 1.zero might have been a fantastic piece of work – but became too focused on the “attitude” at the back of “commonplacing” (with numerous references to Napoleon) to be an effective (actionable) product
    BOOH could have been a honestly top notch community-driven enjoy – but took an excessive amount of time speakme approximately lots of nonsense with the mind that doesn’t even be counted
    destiny abilties have to had been targeted on cash. The cutting-edge provide/product is extremely weak as it would not surely provide someone any particular results that they are able to attach to the machine
    TUCS 2.zero will in all likelihood be extraordinarily surface degree and overlook the PLETHORA of opportunities to absolutely craft a splendid lifestyles by way of the adoption, improvement & optimization of systems

I suppose the core of the hassle is that Ludvig is happy being a “messenger” for many one of a kind thoughts; however is currently unable to provide particular (actionable) results to support the whole thing he espouses.

This loss of consequences manner the goods in most cases feel UNDERWHELMING.

as an example, in case you don’t forget that “TUCS” (The final commonplace device) become supposed to provide the reader an perception and perception into the possibilities related to keeping a “not unusual” – all they were given was a paltry PDF report that explained approximately 2 one of a kind “methods” to maintain notes – you’d in all likelihood admire the disappointment that I in my opinion felt with it.


The center advice i’ve – as a 3rd party observer & fan of Ludvig’s – is to recognition more at the utility of the diverse thoughts he espouses.

He at the beginning did this well along with his “fasting” + “exercise” posts on his weblog (which are really his most famous and really informative); issues stand up while you examine the other aspects of what he is doing – mainly from a “professional” perspective.

i might want to look each extra risk-driven and “deeper” merchandise brought on behalf of his brand. this is only without a doubt viable if he puts himself via a multitude of enjoy which he won’t have had already; perhaps on behalf of corporations or people to help improve their brands or some different factor. The factor is that in preference to putting out quite dry answers, accomplishing immersion may be one of the first-class methods he can gain a deeper connection along with his target audience.

currently, the lack of this intensity prevents his products from virtually inspiring humans to really shift their habits. they’re extraordinary at describing the “process” of attaining sure consequences – but from an underlying angle, this does not do very a good deal for the consumer past introducing them to a number of of latest standards.


Ludvig is generous but for my part wishes to cognizance more at the application of the thoughts he expounds.

it is very easy to sit down and speak approximately how matters “should” be performed, a far exclusive be counted to without a doubt build systems, ideas and results from making use of them himself.

To try this, i’d ardently propose he start focusing onto in reality basing his observations onto reports he had himself. Of course, in case you do not have reports to attract upon, it method you truly need to paintings on developing them.

in case you’re thinking about shopping for any of his merchandise, you need to be careful approximately what you are looking forward to to receive, and what you may honestly get.

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